Rethinking Education - Connected Learning

Rethinking Education - Connected Learning

Youth Worker - Online learning


I am a youth worker and visiting lecturer who have been researching the relationship between young people and the internet and how is this technology changing the way young people think and make sense of the world around them. From the research it is clear that there are 8 key characteristics which are very important and needs to be taken into consideration. 1. Freedom 2. Customization 3. Scrutiny 4. Integrity 5. Entertainment 6. Speed 7. Innovation 8. Collaboration

Young people due to the extensive use of Internet are changing the way they think. Research clearly shows that one of the reasons that young people are failing the education system is that the way the education system is built is not relevant to the new way young people think. Teachers should be trained in order the meet this challenge by understanding how young people think and gives meaning to the world around them. Teachers should shift towards the role of facilitators of learning.

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