Bicycle (and motorcycle) parking

Bicycle (and motorcycle) parking

Trips by bicycle are increasing. But they are only efficient if they can find somewhere secure and public to park. This also advertises cycling as an active transport and environmentally friendly mode. Currently local councils can claim funds to place bicycle racks (yet car parking is free). Only 5 councils have applied I think. Reverse the model. Make it compulsory to have bicycle parking every 400m (like NextBike) or motorcycle parking in towns unless local councils opt out for a good reason.


Please don't make racks like this though. These are wheel benders. Use the inverted U or 'Sheffield' rack.

We need to encourage alternatives to the car, it's a must. One car parking space can hold up to 3 mopeds. As people switch away from the car, they need the support to be able to continue doing so.

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