Reducing Traffic

Reducing Traffic

There are too many cars in the road. We need to start a new culture where we start pooling in cars to reduce traffic on the roads. I lived in Latin America for 3 years and this worked proposal worked great. Basically from Monday to Friday, and your car ends with 1 or 2, you are not allowed to go on the regional roads, on Tuesday we restrict 3 and 4, Wednesday 5 and 6, Thursday 7 and 8 and Friday 9 and 10 and private number plates. Might be unpopular this proposal but let's get it in asap.


There are a billion ideas about traffic (I myself contributed) but definitely not intruding on one's private property (cars). You may prohibit me to use my car on certain days (I concede because there's a good reason) - in that case I take the bus. But you can never make me take other people in my car against my judgement ..............................

No option.

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