Transparency in Tenders & Public Roles

Transparency in Tenders & Public Roles

Instead of persons of trust being appointed continuously like under this Government, a truly transparent Government would move to have all such instances properly advertised (and not just in the Government Gazette). Roles are to be picked based on competence and qualifications. Remuneration should adequately fit the role being advertised. Following this, a list of those who applied and their 'score' based on the above criteria should be made public.


You also mention tenders. the system at the moment rewards the corrupt and is a disservice to the tax payer. I was involved in at least one tender where the government paid 5000 euros extra on one product for nothing or actually to buy a pre-identified product. Apart from the waste of time for all those involved it is not fair on the suppliers and the tax payer. First of all not all tenders should be given to the cheapest but there should be a clear set of marks to be gained on other factors

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