Help for NGOs and Animal Sanctuaries

Help for NGOs and Animal Sanctuaries

Stray cats and homeless dogs in Malta need volunteers to take care of their needs. But these volunteers and the sanctuaries need financial and other help.


They also need better premises.

I have already submitted a rather detailed list of proposals to Ms Attard Previ. We are a committed group of individuals ready to work for the beloved voiceless friends of ours who have no vote but whom we speak for. please show us that the PN is now indeed a party that listens to its people. Please contact me on 77550550/romina.f[email protected] should these proposals need to be re-submitted.

Animals need humans to protect them from the wrong doings of other humans. And yes , feeders and animal sanctuaries need full support from government. I am also presenting proposals for a Change in the way animal rights and welfare are looked at. We are a Team of people who respect animals as well as love them . These may be seen on my facebook page. Let us sincerely hope that you shall not only hear us but Listen to us. Thank you for this opportunity.

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