Free Wi-Fi on Public Transport

Free Wi-Fi on Public Transport

Free Wi-Fi which could be accessed by those making use of public transport will encourage more people - especially teenagers and those who frequently use their smartphones or tablets - to use public transport and avoid using their cars. It would also be helpful if free Wi-Fi is installed in bus stages and shelters, making it even more efficient to use the 'Tal-Linja' app.


Some disadvantages: 1) Capitalisation of Free Wifi in Land Value 2) There is no market failure 3) Unfair Competition to existing providers(therefore the need of collaboration with the private sector) 4) Public Good doesn't necessarily mean public provision Source and Full-Explanation:

- Figuring out Entrepreneurial Opportunities in relation to the availability of Public Wifi - Demand Uncertainty Source and Full-Explanation:

This would also encourage the inefficient service. Clients would be alienated with the WIFI and the service provider would receive less complaints and the Minister for Traffic (as we had these 4 years) will not try to improve the traffic situation.

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