Overhaul the public transport system

Overhaul the public transport system

Several legislatures have tried and failed to overhaul the public transport system. This cannot go on any further. If they manage abroad, why can't we? Bring in experts, launch white papers, take into consideration each and every proposal, including overhead trams/trains, water transport, underground transport etc. This island is small, it shouldn't be that impossible to connect it properly. The benefits would be multiple - congestion, pollution, stress levels, business efficiency.


An efficient public transport system is one of the two big critical must-have projects for the continued long-term improvement of our country. The other is efficient court system. Both require the best expertise and out of the box thinking to launch, big projects that will span over more than one legislature. A long journey begins with the first step! Let's put together two good ad hoc teams to kick off these projects.

An underground system is required. As the population increases, traffic also does and congestion worsens to the point that it is starting to impact the quality of people's life and business. Due to costs, this overhaul needs to be implemented once and well, replacing the bus system completely (the efficiency of which was limited by traffic congestion). An underground system would be fast and would never face traffic congestion, leading to an optimal use of various transport means by everyone.

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