Marsa power station: Contemporary art museum

Marsa power station: Contemporary art museum

To this day Malta still does not have a contemporary art museum. The recently decommissioned Marsa power station could be the ideal site for such a project. Re-purposing rather than demolishing the site will help preserve part of Malta's industrial heritage, breathing new life into what has become a derelict area. Give more space to Malta's up and coming generation of architects and listen to their innovative ideas. The space could also be used as a workshop/fab lab for artistic projects.


I think this is a no brainer and it's probably brewing in every Maltese artist's mind. It would be a real shame to demolish such building instead of embracing it. In addition to the proposed idea, IF there is enough space, I would suggest to also transform one of the areas into a new venue that could be used for small concerts and other music events.

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