Scooters for 16 year olds

Scooters for 16 year olds

Many good ideas have been put forward to incentivise the use of bikes instead of cars recently. However unlike many EU countries we still can only get a license to ride a bike at 18. This means that most people opt to go straight for a car because they can, missing out on tasting the benefits of bike commuting all together. My proposal is to allow people to get their small scooter (say up to 125cc) drivers licence a year or two before being of age to get their car license.


Yes Albert, in practically all EU countries you can ride a scooter of up to 125cc at 16 or over and in Italy And France you can ride a 50cc from 14.

In the Netherlands you can drive a small motorbike / scooter from age 16 with engine up to 50 cc. You need to do an exam for small driving licence for that.

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