Professional sports

Professional sports

The government should help young sport talents by financing scholarships to train abroad. People aspiring to be coaches should also be helped financially to earn their badges abroad but should then spend a certain period in Malta working ft in sport facilities. We should also start to encourage full time professional sport teams by increasing the capacity of local grounds (why not revamp the Ta Qali Stadium?), reducing tax for local players, attract foreign investors to buy clubs (less tax)


The National Sports School is doing a great job in this respect. What I do think is that this school should grow so more students can enter the school on a yearly basis.

Roderick should practice a sport primarily because you love it and not a a means of earning money. You should give a good performance for your own personal satisfaction and not for anything else

Those who turn up for national teams should have a much larger bonus so that more professional players get encouraged to try their best at local clubs.

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