Remove illegal so called 'boat houses'

Remove illegal so called 'boat houses'

so called 'boat houses' if they are illegal they must be removed. the public should decide whether the leave the space free or else build sustainable structures and distribute fairly with the population. Ilegality should NEVER be awarded.


Pledge the removal of all illegal buildings within the first year, or resign. The people have been taken for a ride over the past 30 years, yes PN is also to blame. No right to the land, make the occupier pay for the usurped land and for the rehabilitation of the site to pristine conditions. No building of 'sustainable' structures, we have too many structures, besides this leaves room for interpretation. Back to the natural state or soft landscaping. At the usurpers' cost, not the public's.

People know that these boathouses have only been allowed for the sake of political parties not losing votes! Remove the boathouses and give the land back to the public!

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