Uproot the trees from Independence Square in Victoria Gozo a.k.a. Pjazza t--Tokk and relocate them somewhere more appropriate so as to get rid of all that bird SHIT, bad smell and bad public hygiene!


it seems that whoever voted against ths proposal is in fact maltese and not gozitan! one can always replace the existing trees with other trees such as those that are found in pjazza San Gorg Valletta. i am not against trees, but those type of trees in a main square are not the best option

If you remove the trees from the 'Pjazza' you will remove any shading there might be during the day. Some might say we can make shade by using umbrellas, but I think the more trees we have the better. A solution might be using some method to not let birds roost in the trees, thus removing the inconvenience of bird excrement.

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