Single people

Single people

Both Nationalist and Labour Parties never proposed anything for Single persons. In every budget or Election proposals NOTHING is mentioned to benefit from like other people - Families, Children, Youths, Pensioners and fiscally challenged persons. I as a working class person I have always paid my taxes according to the law but in each and every budget or election proposal Single persons are always forgotten.... I think it is about time that something is done or offered to us.


1. Many people wish to move out of their parents' house but are overwhelmed by the inflated property market. 2. A single person on an average income has next to zero possibility of managing a home loan / rent and also financing a small business... a lot of initiatives never take-off because it is very hard to find financing while also paying off a home loan. 3. The increase in single-income households in itself creates the need for further discussion and adequate proposals.

I am a single person and share the same thoughts. I have never been given any special benefits. no special allowances, no free subscriptions to any care centres, no special leave etc etc. I just pay, pay, pay ....and i can't share my expenses with anyone as i live alone!

Yes like a subsidy on the utilities for example. I put this idea forward because all we do is pay. We are the most heavily taxed section of the population.

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