More Investment in Renewable Energy Sources

More Investment in Renewable Energy Sources

More than 97% of Climate Scientists agree that Climate Change is real and is caused by our way of living. As members of the European Union, we must give our contribution towards the goal of having 20% of the our energy being generated from renewable sources (Directive 2009/28/EC). Our country must strive to create a plan for a more sustainable energy generation and consumption. The key steps towards this are educating the public and more incentives to promote investment in renewable sources.


People who would like to invest further in renewable energy are to be given incentives. In light of a growing economy why shouldn't there be a revision in the rate of return per unit exported e.g. increase the return to current and new owners from 16c5 to 20c5 for a further 6 years; obtain more EU Funding to support further installations of PVs and for applicants who are interested irrespective whether they are first or second time buyers;

Solar power panels need to be accessible to everyone. Some people are interested in having them but cannot afford the initial investment. Also initiative need to be made for creating solar farms.

I would like to add something to my first proposal. A plan of water conservation should be planned & created. Awareness not to waste water should be created. We need to make sure that we have enough water as in the coming years we will have shortage of water. We need to create professional reservoirs to save rain water. We need to oblige everyone in the construction area to build wells whilst making them accessible to all flat owners. Sometimes wells in blocks are being sold separately.

I agree with both proposals of Karl & Angie but I would like to increase my proposals to theirs & also add to what they proposed. I personally suggest that the grant that is given to those who install solar panels should be means tested and not granted to everyone irrelevant to what they earn yearly or owe. Is it fair for a person who earns €40,000 yearly gets the same grant like a person who earns €20,000? Persons with high income will have the opportunity to install more panels.

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