Creating Photovoltaics Fields

Creating Photovoltaics Fields

There's lots of abandoned land around Malta and Gozo, why don't we create Photovoltaics fields on it and also do Wind Farms! We Can harvest green energy from them and reducing pollution at the same time! Also Energy bills can get a little cheaper thus helping people financially!


Land is a very limited resource in Malta. However, we do have virtually unlimited sea area, where we can make use of floating solar farms. I have seen it done abroad on lakes and rivers, no reason why we cannot do it in Malta.

Thats true,land is limited but still we have land left unused for people to throw rubbish in it.also panels can be placed on every goverment building and schools,that would help too!

Have these fields on buildings, we do not have room for abandoned land. Turn such land back to agriculture or it's natural state. I am particularly abhorred by permitting exhausted quarries to become storage/industrial parks. Yes PN allowed this on sites which were initially promised to be turned back to agriculture, once used up (Wied il-Ghasel, just one example ... disgrace). Stop finding excuses. Whoever disturbs land should be made to pay for its rehabilitation, not rewarded.

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