Go Plastic Free

Go Plastic Free

Ban the use of plastic bags and disposable plastics, such as plastic cutlery and plates. Plastic takes at least around 450 years to decompose and this is causing immense damage to our only world and to people's health, just for the sake of convenience. Be in the lead among countries, such as France, who are taking care of the world's environment for the sake of our future.


Banning plastic bags..... We can ban plastic bottles, containers, bins etc. We can ban everything made of plastic but the problem is, a plastic bag to compose naturally takes about 450 years unless is recycled like other plastic things. So we started to use paper bags instead, so we started another problem... Paper comes from trees and a tree to grow up takes hundreds of years too.. Instead of banning plastic bags, a good education for recycling from the very first years of school must be pushed

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