Cheaper Gozo Ferry Fares, especially for cars

Cheaper Gozo Ferry Fares, especially for cars

Cheaper fares will increase the number of families to take their short breaks in Gozo more frequently


why do fares have to be cheaper for Gozitans? why Maltese "Karta Anzjan" are not free?

Iva naqbel li anke il-Maltin ghandhom ihalsu anqas biex jaqsmu ghal Ghawdex, issa jaqsmu biex jidevertu jew le jaghmlu huma, u jien mhux nipretendi li halsu daqs l'Ghawdxin imma l'anqas nipretendi li biex naqsam ghal Ghawdex ghadni l'anqas bdejt il-vjagg xarabank u vapur irrid inwarrab 20 eura ma missu ma xejn.

@Vanessa Privitera Gozitans have cheaper fares as they use the ferry for work or education. Maltese use the ferry to go to Gozo and enjoy themselves. It is already quite unfair for the Gozitans that they have to spend extra time travelling and also pay extra to commute for work or education relative to Maltese individuals. Be realistic.

I understand however we all know that either students find a flat in malta so they dont commute everyday or else Maltese people who have a flat in gozo change their ID to the Gozitan address just for the sake of getting a cheaper rate. We all know us "maltese/gozitans" leave the most money in gozo as we spend more than turists. For ex. Maltese pensioners free like Gozitans = Free, i am sure there will be more Maltese pensioners going and it will be a win win situation. More mone to Gozo :)

People that own a property in Gozo should also be paying the discounted ferry price because they have invested money in Gozo. When one owns a property you need to travel very frequently and it will cost a lot. Therefore I suggest that the Gozo pass will include also Gozo property owners.

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