Irrespective of discussions and opinions whether it ever existed or not or whether Malta could have been the lost city itself, I suggest that if environmentally feasible, we build an underwater Atlantis over a number of years.


Don't you think that we have more pressing issues as a country than wasting money on a fairytale dream? Try telling that to those who can barely get through the end of the month with their incomes, or those who can barely afford to feed their children (through no fault of their own)... Wouldn't you agree that education, transport, the environment, poverty, energy, waste and health are more important issues than 'Atlantis'?

Respectfully I want to share my understanding of the process of idea generation. One should look at ideas as unbridled seedlings towards a possible solution to a problem, whether directly or indirectly. The minute one constraints himself with what should come first or factual problems, his output will be severely constrained. Detaching oneself from reality is the most difficult (if not near impossible part of creativity).

Not exactly aginst it but we are in a tough spot right now. Let's get PN elected first.

Daniel thanks for your comment. For idea generation I am of the school that one is to dream wildly without, as much as possible, any restrictions. The results of that phase must than be harvested, evaluated, developed further or discarded. Gone through that process, I believe that this idea can significantly contribute to the tourism industry, which can generate more funds and jobs, which can contribute to the real priorities you mention. To those priorities I wish to add a National Water Plan.

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