Years of service for the nursing community

Years of service for the nursing community

As it is time for electoral program/s etc. I wish for all Political Parties to consider and add to their Manifesto the following; Is it not about time that the Nursing community would be entitled for, let's say, a 30/35 year period of service and of course leaving all options open as we did the Police, Prison Wardens and Military. I thank all who would take the time to discuss and impliment.


I agree with the service pension option for police and soldiers since their line of duty puts more at risk than just their time, hence we should give this extra perk to motivate them! I do not agree that we give this privilege to other professions, since in my opinion it is not justified... next thing we ask for the same for engineers (like myself), doctors, lawyers, teachers, well you get the picture! Someone has to pay for these service pensions.

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