Make Physical Education complusory

Make Physical Education complusory

Students in schools (primary, middle and secondary schools) should have PE on a daily basis. Having taught in primary education for a number of years, there were classes who barely had a once a week session of PE. That is a way of fighting obesity.



With your reasoning, students should not attend schools, because they can be bullied at any time: during lessons, during lunch breaks etc. Bullying does not solely take place at school or outside school. Internet (cyber bullying) is real and it's taking its toll on our teenagers. I am sorry but sports is not just for the "dimwits." It shows that the educational system instructed you on how to obtain A grades but not to be analytical or emphatic. Your argument is childish, flawed and immature.

The importance of physical education is not just to lose weight. Sports helps posture, it helps in reducing stress and improve concentration, it helps students to learn time management. Students need to move, run, have fun. We should NOT encourage a sedentary lifestyle.

Anyone can tell you that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Waste of sweat and time. We need people to eat healthier. 30 minutes PE is not going to make a difference.

PE is also an excellent breeding ground for bullying. I should know.

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