Maternity Health in Gozo

Maternity Health in Gozo

Better quality maternity care and more incentives for gozitan midwives to work in gozo Antental Care provided in homes Setting up of a small intensive care unit caring for minor intensive care cases. By these new service while increasing the satisfaction with care from mother and families...gozitan midwives working in Malta will have a higher chance of working in Gozo.


Bettering the quality of maternity care in Gozo namely starting a service where midwives carry out the antenatal visits at home as well as introducing a small intensive care ward where minor intensive care cases are taken care of in Gozo rather than transferring to Malta. This will reduce the NPICU workload as well reduce the heartache caused of separation between mother and child. Moreover for the last ten years midwives undergo a 4 year rotation incl. NPICU making the staff more experienced.

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