Effective Green Wardens

Effective Green Wardens

Littering in Malta is still widespread. I fully favour educational campaigns which were brought in by Nationalist Governments, such as the ekoskola. It is a shame that the warden system has been completely dismantled by Joseph Muscat's Government. First they created an Agency, now they announced that wardens are to be recruited from the public service. The system was working before. We need to have enforcement against littering in public areas which works which should not be centralised by govt.


There exists an app called ' where the user can send a photo and the exact gps location of trash/dumping that needs cleaning. If the app is set up properly with the relative cleaning dept they will receive notification and head straight to the location to clear it up. Then confirm on the app that the job has been done. The app is there. It just needs to be set up and have the relative personnel.

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