Mela we do have Teatru Malta , but its formation as is does not qualify as a National Theatre . The importance of an NT is because of its proven track record in enhancing a national identity . We need however to have qualified practitioners who have professional formations and backgrounds that can actually create a National Theatre , not just in name and theory , but also in practice . To this we need to have a National Drama School which prepares professionals. Not improvised schools.


In Malta we have Mcast , The Drama Centre , the SOPA , all supposedly creating theatre professionals . Unfortunately this not the case and we do not have a professional theatre culture , but amateurs who call themselves professional . This is not to belittle the contribution they give to the arts , but we need to go beyond that . This is the same for tv and film in particular . I play football but i am not and will never be a professional footballer . I paint , but my paintings are what they ar

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