helping pensioners

helping pensioners

Gov Bonds to be issued at a better than market rate for pensioners over 70 only. These people have saved money all their lives to substantiate their pensions and are not earning anything from it. To top it all they have to compete with investors of the IIP program. Malta Gov Stocks specifically for them should be issued. Thanks and keep up the good work!


Agree, but why introduce this for over 70's only? The principle on which it is based applies equally for all pensioners. Also the interest rate should be a least %5 and non-taxable.

Agree 100% also it is not fair that pensioners who have €4000 (or something similar) in the bank account cannot apply for any subsidy or help at home but you can earn up to something like €9000. Who doesn't have €4000 in the bank account after working for some 40 years but then you can earn €9000 a year spend it all and be eligible?

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