Smart City

Smart City

Smart City is still incomplete. It needs to be finished. Developments may include a hotel, a luna park, promenades, etc. This would help attract more tourism in the South of Malta and the horrendous trailers will be removed once and for all.


Smart City was intended for hi-tech industries, not tourists, unfortunately, it was beleaguered by the economic woes of 2007-8 and neglect by the Gonzi and Muscat administrations. Fresh well-coordinated attempts should be made to attract and house (in new blocks if necessary) established as well as young hi-tech companies from Malta and abroad. BTW - This project should go hand in hand with a serious attempt to ensure that venture capital is readily available - But that is another idea!

I don't agree with developing the area further, it will no longer remain a beautiful, quiet residential area :(!

I like the idea...however I disagree with the hotel bit

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