Add Parking Spaces For University Students

Add Parking Spaces For University Students

I am a University student and one of the major problems I face daily is that parking space is very limited. We have to leave early in the morning even when we have late 10 am lectures. If the parking problem is solved, we can manage our time better.


We should incentivize students to use public transport and other alternative modes, not private cars. Increasing parking, increases car use and therefore traffic.

University students should be encouraged to cycle or use public transport. It is unheard of everywhere else that students go to university by private car!

Seven times out of ten we end up parking either at Kappara or at Swatar due to the uni parking being full up. Also, this year I had a lecture at noon on Tuesdays, I went three different times searching for parking, couldn't find any parking neither at uni, Swatar, nor Kappara, ultimately having to go back home.

The public transport system is a disaster for us students. I used to go to uni by bus myself, but I haven't done so the past two years. Lectures end every hour, for example a lecture ending at 13:00. However the only bus that goes to my town (was reduced to just one from 3 different buses), passes through uni at every hour at 55 minutes past. So if the lecture ends at 13:00, I have to wait 55 minutes till 13:55. I would be more than happy to use the bus, but this situation is ridiculous.

It is true that parking is a very big problem at university and makes the trips to certain lectures not even worth while, therefore discouraging attendance altogether. There is currently a project which has in fact decreased available parking as it seems to have grinded to a halt lately.

There is an empty query across the road...should be developed into a multi storey car park and linked through a tunnel to Uni...

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