Promoting pedestrian priority and public transport

Promoting pedestrian priority and public transport

The proposals for long term public transport seem to concern 'the people' without specifying who will use it and how it is to be promoted. The problem is the over use of cars. Therefore the solution is to make it impossible to use them such as introducing bus lanes, removing car access to major areas (Sliema, Valletta, Floriana...) hence forcing people to use the bus. Also, pavements should be widened (reducing parking space) to at least 1.2m hence reducing car space while promoting walking.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: 1. Before suggesting solutions, make use of public transport to see the deficiencies. Many politicians are cut off from reality (especially with public transport) because they do not use and understand it. 2. Fight the problem: If an underground is introduced, the roads will still be used by cars, and who will use the PT? REMOVE CARS, CAR ACCESS & IMPROVE PEDESTRIAN CONNECTIVITY. 3. look into COPENHAGEN, BARCA... & others

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