Looking after the elderly at home

Looking after the elderly at home

My mother looks after my grandma. She is over 89 year old and my mum is 63 year old. She has moved my granny in her own house instead of taking her to a public homes. She looks after her day and night. We got to know that the social security has a benefit for those who look after a family member. The application was turned down as my mother is over 60 years old. I think it is very unfair. Why shouldn't she benefit like others especially when she doesn't have a pension of her own? Just an idea.


My application was also turned down because I did not pass the means test. In budget 2017 it is being proposed that the means test is abolished. I think it's only fair. I am 63 years old. I take care of my 91 year old mother full time. Because of this I cannot do any other work to increase my income. I have to rely on my pension only. I believe that the work I do as a carer should be recognized.

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