Forza Nazzjonali is putting forward a number of proposals for the island of Gozo, aimed at regenerating its ageing population, fostering its growing economy and improving accessibility to the island.


Gozo Sports Fund

250 Million Euros of EU Funds for the Regional Council

Gozo Regional Council to have wide representation of society

Regional Council to represent Gozo in EU fora

Regional status of Gozo enshrined in the Constitution

Start process to set up Gozo Regional Council in 100 days

Government to engage with Gozo Regional Council on policy

Re-instate policy and strategy arm in Gozo Ministry

Reform Ministry for Gozo

Gozo Ministry to appoint delegates to relevant ministries

Establish Gozo Regional Development Agency (GRDA)

Complete BARTS Medical School

Set up Diabetes Endocrinology Clinic & Cardiovascular Clinic

Gozo Hospital back to the people

Upgrade & re-purpose Victoria health centre

Fully subsidised ferry to all patients going to Mater Dei

Reinstate cargo ferry service to the Grand Harbour

Introduce multi-modal public & private transport tickets

Fast Ferry between Malta & Gozo within a year

2nd fibre-optic cable to Gozo within a year

Revise bus routes and times

Reimburse national insurance contribution for first 2 years

25,000 Euros Start-Up grant for opening a new business

200,000 Euro income tax exemption for 3 years

Create Gozo Sustainable Jobs Tax Credit

Consolidate the 25K start-up grant with a 75K guarantee

Design & Build a wave attenuating breakwater in Marsalforn

Prepare Gozo Infrastructural Master Plan

Rebuild Gozo's main arterial roads

Build a multi-level car park in Victoria centre

Allocate additional 3 million Euros for residential roads

Infrastructural services to be administered by GRDA

Waive all property stamp duty for first time buyers in Gozo

Open a Regional Childcare Centre

Provide a 10K Euro Young Family Support Grant

Invest 4 million in new family parks*

Provide incentives to create home-based childcare services

Deliver a Child Development Centre

Set up "Made in Gozo" Foundation

Develop a Creativity & innovation Hub

Special provision of the Malta Development Bank for Gozo

25% tax credit to businesses upgrading their premises

Open MFSA Office in Gozo

Develop Hub for SMEs

Refund the social security paid & MTA license in low season

Establish calendar of cultural events

Implement Diving Masterplan for Gozo

Scheme for small rural tourism operators

Introduce new Marine Protected Areas in Gozo

New life to the Institute of Tourism Studies

Programme for maintenance & upkeep of country lanes

Commission new floating berths in sensitive maritime areas

Double budget allocation for international promotion of Gozo

Permanent Cruise Liner Berth in Mgarr Harbour

Strong investment in the Gozo University of Malta Campus

Framework for Promotion of Science Learning and Language Lab

Tax Rebate for Parents of Gozitan students studying in Malta

Deliver the new Victoria Primary School ASAP

Video Conferencing Facilities at UoM Gozo Campus

Continue investment in MCAST Gozo Campus*

New Green Lungs in Urban Areas

New Water Management Strategy for Gozo

Launch Pilot Project for Pedestrianization of town centres

Plan for Gozo to become Zero Carbon Island by 2030

Renew Local Sustainable Development Strategy for Gozo

Science Institute within MCAST Gozo for Agribusiness

Revision and Upgrading of Cycling Lanes

€10 million Sustainable Gozo Fund

Distribution Framework of New Water from Sewage Treatment

Investment in Gozo Visual and Performing Arts School

Projects and Incentives for Diversification of Products

Special Fund to assist Young Generation of Farmers

Settle payments on agreements for modernization of farms

Farmers' compensation for delays in grid connection

Create Agricultural Innovation Investment Fund

Campaign with Gozitan Restaurants to Promote Local Produce

Voluntary Pilot Project of Land Reparceling

Deliver the new Old People's Home in Ghajnsielem ASAP

Free Public Transport for the Elderly in Gozo

Upgrade Existing Care and Nursing Homes

Universal Design and Dementia Friendly Approach

Develop Comprehensive Community-based services

Review Service Agreement with Arka Foundation

More LSAs and resources at Gozitan schools

Develop Community Mental Health and Palliative Services

Specialised Service for Disabled Children and Infants

Foundation for the Conservation of Cittadella

Prehistoric Heritage Trail in Xaghra

Deliver and Open the new Gozo Museum

Culture Development Fund to Support the Arts in Gozo

Resume Public Art in Gozo Project

Adequate Environment for Young Artists

Fund to Assist in Conservation of Heritage in Private Hands

Cittadella Creativity Centre

Mgarr ix-Xini Heritage Park

Gozo Regional Pool

Commercialisation of Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities Management Cooperative

Incentivise Sports Training Camps in Gozo

10,000 Euros for families moving to Gozo

Start work on permanent link between Malta & Gozo at once

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