Forza Nazzjonali is putting forward a number of proposals for the island of Gozo, aimed at regenerating its ageing population, fostering its growing economy and improving accessibility to the island.


Distribution Framework of New Water from Sewage Treatment

Complete BARTS Medical School

Refund the social security paid & MTA license in low season

Reinstate cargo ferry service to the Grand Harbour

New Green Lungs in Urban Areas

Design & Build a wave attenuating breakwater in Marsalforn

Prepare Gozo Infrastructural Master Plan

10,000 Euros for families moving to Gozo

New Water Management Strategy for Gozo

Reimburse national insurance contribution for first 2 years

25,000 Euros Start-Up grant for opening a new business

Set up Diabetes Endocrinology Clinic & Cardiovascular Clinic

Waive all property stamp duty for first time buyers in Gozo

Rebuild Gozo's main arterial roads

Deliver the new Old People's Home in Ghajnsielem ASAP

Investment in Gozo Visual and Performing Arts School

Projects and Incentives for Diversification of Products

Open a Regional Childcare Centre

Foundation for the Conservation of Cittadella

Gozo Hospital back to the people

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