Forza Nazzjonali is putting forward a number of proposals for the island of Gozo, aimed at regenerating its ageing population, fostering its growing economy and improving accessibility to the island.


Gozo Sports Fund

250 Million Euros of EU Funds for the Regional Council

Gozo Regional Council to have wide representation of society

Regional Council to represent Gozo in EU fora

Regional status of Gozo enshrined in the Constitution

Start process to set up Gozo Regional Council in 100 days

Government to engage with Gozo Regional Council on policy

Re-instate policy and strategy arm in Gozo Ministry

Reform Ministry for Gozo

Gozo Ministry to appoint delegates to relevant ministries

Establish Gozo Regional Development Agency (GRDA)

Complete BARTS Medical School

Set up Diabetes Endocrinology Clinic & Cardiovascular Clinic

Gozo Hospital back to the people

Upgrade & re-purpose Victoria health centre

Fully subsidised ferry to all patients going to Mater Dei

Reinstate cargo ferry service to the Grand Harbour

Introduce multi-modal public & private transport tickets

Fast Ferry between Malta & Gozo within a year

2nd fibre-optic cable to Gozo within a year

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