10,000 Euros for families moving to Gozo

10,000 Euros for families moving to Gozo

Assistance should be provided to families deciding to move and set up their home in Gozo. This will act as an incentive to help attract young families to Gozo, keeping our sister island thriving.


addressing the 'against' comments; the proposal can't be seen in isolation. As correctly stated the fiscal incentive for families needs to go hand in hand with job creation: https://forzanazzjonali.yrpri.org/post/12177 https://forzanazzjonali.yrpri.org/post/12175 https://forzanazzjonali.yrpri.org/post/12173 https://forzanazzjonali.yrpri.org/post/12168 https://forzanazzjonali.yrpri.org/post/12166 https://forzanazzjonali.yrpri.org/post/12151 https://forzanazzjonali.yrpri.org/post/12319

@Malcolm Briffa - Agreed, I left my comment before the incentives for job creation were announced. I think the job creation proposals are ideal although I still believe that the 10,000 euro grant is not required. Would rather see that money spend on a project where more Gozitans benefit from them.

I'm afraid the proposal is too open to abuse and will not solve the problem of lack of young families. People are prepared to change their permanent address simply to get a free Gozo Channel ticket, imagine what is going to happen with a €10000 incentive. Not to mention the feeling of injustice (whether warranted or not) felt by Gozitans who have lived there all their lives. Secondly €10000 can, at most, ease the move but further incentives - read jobs - are needed to keep people there.

It would be better to offer incentives to companies that may create quality jobs in Gozo. That would really attract young families.

I agree with this however I also agree with Matthew Simiana. I am a Gozitan and have settled in Malta.Work location is a crucial factor in deciding where to start your family. Until the tunnel is built I suggest that PN should consider providing a similar incentive to Maltese businesses who are interested in setting up sister offices and industries in Gozo. Such incentive would be provided only if they employ a number of people who are Gozitan residents. PS I am not in the business sector.

It gives me incentive to go live in Gozo. However I feel job opportunities are still lacking for me to do so.

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