Fast Ferry between Malta & Gozo within a year

Fast Ferry between Malta & Gozo within a year

With a permanent link between the sister islands in the pipeline, a short-term solution must be created for the interim period until the former is completed. This fast ferry service will ensure that commuters are offered a more convenient option whilst crossing over, with possible routes linking Gozo to Valletta and other central areas.


The future of Gozitans who wish to continue to live in Gozo and in the meantime work and/or study in Malta is reliant on a permanent link.

Gozo is a draw in itself and if trying to encourage people to commute to work in Malta or Gozo, a shuttle ferry service is required.

I totally agree with this proposal.

A combination of a regular 2-4 times daily catamaran service directly to the Grand Harbour, coupled with a revision of the ferry times to every 30 minutes will go a long way to alleviate the concerns raised by regular commuters. Eventually the Gozo Channel Ferries can be replaced with smaller more efficient ones, resulting in a constant shuttle service. The fast ferry service could be extended to additional trips to Sicily from Gozo opening up more interesting touristic 2-centre holiday options

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