Start work on permanent link between Malta & Gozo at once

 Start work on permanent link between Malta & Gozo at once

A permanent link between Malta and Gozo will be discussed, prioritized and implemented. Gozitans have for years had to endure the stressful situation of travelling between both islands for work, studies, or otherwise. Being a very popular destination for tourists, but not any less with Maltese inhabitants themselves, Gozitans have, Sunday after Sunday, found themselves wasting hours of their time waiting to catch the ferry back to Malta after having spent the weekend with their families.


Before embarking on such a major and costly exercise one should first consider a cheap and viable solution which will alleviate many concerns of those who commute regularly to Malta. Regular catamaran services coupled with a ferry service every 30 mins can have a huge impact, and at low cost, and with no permanent damage or risk to the island's integrity which may result from a tunnel, which will change Gozo forever, making it an extension of Malta, along with cars and pollution. Eco Gozo?

This could result in Gozo simply becoming an extension of Malta, including all the problems such as over-construction, traffic etc. Gozo could loose all it's charm and attraction.

Without a permanent link, in 10 years Gozo will become an retirement home! A tunnel which incorporates a 'metro' as part of a national project is the only solution for Gozo.

Because it would ruin gozo and become like Malta taking away the charm of the Island - the island wood be overrun with cars what we need is Effiecient cost effective transport car less - possibly hydrofoil shuttling back and Forth with good service the other end - and a direct one to Valletta or sa maison with buses direct to hospital university and airport - look at Greece they have a very effective inter island system and their islands are not close together

This proposal is a must. However to be truly successful in the long term, I do believe that this permanent link should be incorporated as part of a subway / underground transportation system covering Malta and Gozo.

Though in principle I support this proposal, let`s avoid the situation where Gozo becomes invaded by people who find it easy to divert their normal Sunday drives to Gozo.

B'din il-proposta, il-PN jista' jtaffi l-akbar problema tal-Għawdxin - l-Aċċessibiltà 👍

Travelling everyday (by car) to go to work to Malta and after 8 hours of work you head back only to realize that the next ferry is full and waiting another glorious hour or so to wait for the next (especially in the summer heat). That is one reason alone. Another reason for all those against is. Picture yourself at a weekend in gozo, a family member calls you up that needs urgent attention. You go down to Mgarr only to find a huge queue and wait hours. How does that make you feel?

Not a bridge!!!!

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