Education is the cornerstone of any modern and democratic society and is the key to social mobility, economic growth and our country's prosperity. Find out more about Forza Nazzjonali's plans for the education sector.


Scholarships for students who enroll in private institutions

Increase Cooperation with Church and Independent Schools

Increase investment in the University of Malta

Invest in non-formal education by creating ‘Makerspaces’

Increase investment in ITS facilities, lecturers and staff

Avoid Radical Reform to Maintain Stability

Better Wages and Conditions for Teachers and Educators

Let teachers teach with peace of mind

Increase research funds for the University of Malta

Sports Facilities at the UoM

Improved Working Conditions for LSAs

Increase scholarship funds for PhD students

Conclude LSM recognition process

Increase Malta's Research Budget

Flexible Hours for Teachers Returning to Work

Revoke Joseph Muscat's Increase in MATSEC Fees

Equal Pay for Equal Work for Post-Secondary Educators

More and Better Facilities at MCAST

Support for research-oriented private institutions

National School of Performing Arts

Increase investment in MCAST facilities, lecturers & staff

Change the System to open our Choices.

Increased training, support and resources for teachers

ITS to remain in St Julians

Grant administrative & educational autonomy to University

Warrant for MCAST engineering graduates

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