Avoid Radical Reform to Maintain Stability

Avoid Radical Reform to Maintain Stability

Avoid radical policy changes to allow the education system some stability. Policy changes will be kept to an absolute minimum and new policy or directions will only be introduced where real needs are identified in line with school and classroom realities. Existing policies will be reviewed and strengthened as necessary. The Malta Council for the Development of Education will be set up so that all educators have a real say in the drawing up of strategies and national policies.


Does this include the numerous proposals which are already put I need motion from learning outcome frameworks to vocational education? More details are required as these are the current issues which would still generate fatigue reforms.

The establishment of such a council would be a step in the right direction, unless it ends up being just another bureaucratic entity stuck in glass offices with no contact with the grassroots. It needs to really keep constantly in touch with the realities of educational personnel, give them a positive critical voice and mostly treat them as the professionals they are. Ownership in ones work comes from giving educational personnel the opportunities and time to work.

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