Increased training, support and resources for teachers

Increased training, support and resources for teachers

Support educators in their work, and allow teachers to teach. We will introduce a code of good behaviour for students in schools; strengthen the operation of the Council for the Teaching Profession to make it the professional body for teachers; establish an Institute for Leaders in Education (principals, heads and assistant heads of schools, education officers, directors); and give colleges in the state sector more autonomy.


The psycho social teams are very important and necessary with the ever increasing demand for support for various reasons. There are professionals such as qualified play therapists who are waiting to be fully recognized locally (regulation for play therapists) and included within such teams in order to help children accordingly. Help us help them!

This is essential. It is ridiculous in this day and age that the professionals who train all other professions have limited opportunities to further their learning. Funds are required however also replacement educators are required as I would feel responsible leaving my students and/or colleagues to deal with my lessons/work load.

With regards to work resources, as educators we purchase numerous classroom resources from our own pocket. Apart from that if we want to purchase technological resources such as printer, cartridges, paper etc which are essential for us in lesson preparation and resource work, that is all out of our pocket. Purchasing of books, internet subscriptions for educational purposes such as ebooks, websites with resources, educational tools etc. are all out of our pocket.

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