Increase scholarship funds for PhD students

Increase scholarship funds for PhD students

Forza Nazzjonali will substantially increase the scholarship funds for PhD students


Scholarship funds are very helpful. The present MGSS system however only covers course fees. A part-time student would need to travel minimum of twice a year to meet tutor and participate in conferences which are all out of the students pocket. So travel, lodging are covered by student. No other resources example for books, article subscriptions etc are also not included.

One also needs to address the study leave aspect for people studying PhD and working with the education department. Although a sort of study leave opportunity has been introduced, this is available to limited applicants. If one has a scholarship, then one cannot apply for study leave/sabbatical. This does not make sense as one needs time to study and not only finances. One also has to consider that with study leave the individual will get their PhD sooner.

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