More and Better Facilities at MCAST

More and Better Facilities at MCAST

Forza Nazzjonali will provide lecturers and students at MCAST with better and modern facilities, and will ensure that lecturers have access to continuous professional development, training and resources.


MCAST needs more support from Government.

Apart from education resources also modern sports facilities esp new gymnasium

some courses have been changed for more years during this four years especially kinder garden assistant course is too much 5years now.

MCAST especially Mosta Institute for the Creative Arts has been abandoned by this government. Facilities are lacking and courses are being changed continuously much to the disappointment of many students. There is no common room. Students have to sit outside in between lectures. The studio for Digital games/game art should be built at MCAST . MCAST is a more hands-on environment for talented and artistic persons whereas UOM is more inclined towards academic people who end up in management jobs.

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