Change the System to open our Choices.

Change the System to open our Choices.

Focusing on the current Advanced Level Educational System, where students are required to choose 2 A'levels, 3 Intermediates and the compulsory Systems of Knowledge (SOK), we propose a revision of alternative options. Our proposal is to give the students the option to choose 3 A'levels and 1 intermediate (along with SOK). This system would be implemented best in conjunction with the current system - giving students the support and opportunity to excel academically in their passions.


This new option will provide students the chance to branch out into more fields of study when deciding between University Courses. It will also give the students who are interested in studying more than 2 specific subjects to greater depths the support they need through the educational system. On the other hand, the current system caters for those who prefer grasping a brief insight of 3 topics at intermediate level, rather than diving into an extra A'level.

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