Better Wages and Conditions for Teachers and Educators

Better Wages and Conditions for Teachers and Educators

Restore respect for educators and the teaching profession. We will improve educators’ working conditions by increasing salaries; address issues related to the demanding workload; create opportunities for planning and participation in collaborative and co-curricular activities; increase opportunities for professional training and learning; fund relevant continuous professional development including training abroad; increase resources in psycho-social teams; increase and strengthen support


This proposal can be linked to a bonus based on the number of years a person has been teaching with the aim to retain experienced teachers in class. Currently teachers move into administrative posst to improve their wage whereas they are sorely need in classes as experienced teachers.

Because I have been in the teaching profession for a long time and I have the future generations at heart. Education is not just for Malta's economy or personal advancement but for building a future of responsible persons of integrity with high standards of morality who reach their utmost potential in all areas. Proposals are to be brought forward by persons on board who day in day out are in touch with today's students and families and not by Ministry or Directorate

Tasks for educational personnel have increased all across the board from kindergarten assistants to head of school. These need to be addressed and adequately financially compensated as happens with other professions. Compensation also needs to be in terms of time for educational staff to be able to reflect, plan and organize together collaboratively within the school.

please include childcarers, the 1st education our children meet in their lives. Better pay and better work places, that are up to standard with appropriate toys and equipment to use in the everyday lives of our young children

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