Equal Pay for Equal Work for Post-Secondary Educators

Equal Pay for Equal Work for Post-Secondary Educators

Commence discussions related to the working conditions for postsecondary lecturers with a view to promoting equal pay for equal work, and fund meaningful continuous professional development, including training abroad.


Its an observation and not necessarily a disagreement. What about those working in a post-secondary learning center yet not necessarily teaching Intermediate or Advanced Level?

Working with post-compulsory education students is different than those in compulsory education. On the one hand it could be positive as students are motivated, however the level of relationship building, pastoral care, and content of subject material is more extensive.

Teachers in primary and secondary schools have a miserable pay when compared to other jobs which require the same effort when studying for the mentioned jobs. It is time to raise their pay and make this vocational career attractive again as it is not worth the effort to read a B. Ed any more when for the same effort one can obtain a job which pays much more.

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