Warrant for MCAST engineering graduates

Warrant for MCAST engineering graduates

We will finalise the procedures that will ensure that students who read for an engineering degree from MCAST will be able to obtain the relevant professional warrant.


One has to explore whether standards and material studied at MCAST level is directly related to that of students graduating from University. This standardisation needs to be explored in detail prior to this being implemented.

Totally agree with this proposal. It is about time that MCAST students get what they deserve. Those who successfully finish the degree in electrical or mechanical truly are dedicated and fully equipped with knowledge. We have employed countless MCAST students and it is safe to say that they are at the very least on par with university students. I can only comprehend that such close mindedness from university students/engineers arises as they feel threatened. This should not be the case.

I am for such a proposal. However, it must be ensured that, on the academic, the MCAST degree is at par with that of the University of Malta.

First of all the proposal in incorrect. Students who have started a course at MCAST should have been informed that after their qualification they would not qualify for a warrant. The conditions of obtaining a warrant is written in the law for each profession. I suggest that the procedure being undertaken at the moment to validate the course at MCAST and see what is need for these students to qualify for a warrant should be completed and then one has to see what else could be undertaken.

me gusta la idea 😁

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