Good Governance

Good Governance

Joseph Muscat’s Government has highlighted the serious flaws and deficiencies in our country’s constitutional and legal framework which have led to abuse, corruption and lack of transparency. Forza Nazzjonali is putting forward proposals aimed at tackling these institutional deficiencies.


Forbid the use of Private Emails for Government Business

Strengthen the Office of the Ombudsman

Widen powers of the National Audit Office

Prepare a National Strategy on Law Enforcement

Restore Malta's reputation

Strengthen Malta's ties with non-EU countries

New national commission to study party financing

Ministers bound to answer media questions

Law on Propositive Referenda

Diplomatic Corps to be recognised as a professional service

An impartial public broadcaster

Ministry for Citizen's Rights

Address past injustices

eGovernment platform

Amend Freedom of Information Act

All ambassadors to be screened by Foreign Affairs Committee

Assist voluntary organisations

Solidarity Fund

Publish Government Contracts

Vote from abroad

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