Special Magistrate to investigate corruption

Special Magistrate to investigate corruption

Publish legislation to appoint a Special Investigative Magistrate on Corruption. This law will be approved in the current year. The Magistrate shall be a member of the judiciary with the special function of investigating reports and prosecuting cases of corruption, even on the Magistrate’s own initiative. The Magistrate will have a team to support her/him in carrying out these functions in the most effective manner and with complete autonomy.


One person can easily be swayed by the incumbent government. We need an assembly of elders, consisting of ex- lawmen, heads of school, senior civil servants, ambassadors who can prove that they were never part (member) of a political party. The group needs to be as large as possible so that strong opinions are diluted. It will be a sort of upper chamber with non-executive power but who can unanimously recommend changes or trigger investigations. The state has to offer them full protection.

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