Appoint a new Police Commissioner

Appoint a new Police Commissioner

Appoint a new Police Commissioner immediately and initiate an investigation into corruption cases to ensure that justice prevails.


While i agree to this wholeheartedly ... I want to see an interim police commissioner who will either be confirmed by the house when the 2/3 proposal comes in force or else a new police commissioner is chosen.

asap please!!!

I propose that a section in the Police Force would focus on money laundering, like in Italy, "Guardia di Finanza" and do spot checks in various financial and investment sectors across the island.

How about a public prosecutor separate from the AG and the Police to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.

Appoint a special prosecutor - who is independent and non-political to lead the investigation into all the alleged crimes of our politicians.

I agree with this proposal as a short term solution. However there shold also be appointed a magistrate with full investigative powers to investigate corruption and to initiate court porocedures if necessary without the need of asking the help of the Comissioner of Police. The Commissioner should be bound to initiate procedures if so instructed by the Magistrates. Reports of the Magistrate should be made public.

A new police commissioner should be appointed asap and the law should be changed to enable appointments and dismissal by 2/3 of parliament. That way no party will stick fingers in pies, as is done currently.

A specal prosecutor would work best hiwever conditions need to be set so as to ensure rhere is no political influence. If the person remains a political appointee they will not make unpopular moves as they would try to protect their jobs. Re the commissioner they need to be out in position with a 2/3 parliamentary vote and have similar indpenedent conditions, such as large reimbursement for abrupt termination, to avoid political influence.

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