Our quality of life depends on our environment. The limited size of our Islands makes it imperative to ensure that the environment is protected not only through policies and clear political direction but effective investment. We want to bring back environmental issues at the centre stage.


Review Noise Prevention Control Regulations

Establish a National Skyline Policy

Eliminate waste in our stone resources

Affirm ODZ protection & save Zonqor

Introduce a Landscape Policy

Eliminate ‘incentives’ for Government to speculate over ODZ

Remove Government discretion to authorise ODZ development

Establish National Water Policy Framework

Provide incentives for owners of scheduled properties

Reduce tax on Near Zero Energy Buildings and specific areas

Enforce particulate-emitting activities at construction site

Update and implement the Air Quality Plan

Incentivise regeneration of historic & scheduled buildings

Adopt a National Architecture Policy

Reverse inefficiencies in waste management

Prohibit land reclamation for speculative reasons.

Clamp down on illegal development

Increase green public areas

Introduce Nature Rangers

Create the first underwater eco-museum in the Mediterranean

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