Increase Marine Protected Areas

Increase Marine Protected Areas

Increase the number of Marine Protected Areas, and extend existing ones, to enhance current fish stocks and support our diving tourism.


The sea is part of our culture. We have abused it for too long. Fish farms are destroying ecosystems ex in mellieha natural habitats are effected by pollution caused from farming. Diving tourism is great for our country and protecting marine habitats is paramount

The amount of money generated by diving tourism which is green tourism which is niche tourism far outways the money generated by non environmental industry such as tuna farms which are lucritive only to few operators and disrupt the marine environment of each one of us Also the effect of such marine reserves will repopulate fish stocks and ultimately benefit the fisherman from spilloff effect from such reserves... go green

At present they are marine reserves, but they only protect the sea grass, as this supports the ecosystem. The ridiculous point is the sea grass was not under threat and the ecosystem of fish life has been wiped out by over fishing.. The fishermen need marine reserves as they have been proven to work in repopulating the sea regenerating the local fishing industries.. Diving tourism in Malta is getting left behind as other countries are putting in true marine reserves for diving tourist..

A lot of fish and other marine life is gone already and too much illegal fishing is taking place. Unpunished...We need stricter laws (and actually enforcement!), more marine protected areas, to keep our delicate Eco system working.

Marine protected Areas need to be made into Marine Reserves that are properly policed to allow the fish to Multiply and increase. They have done this in the isles of Medas in Spain and benefitted both the diving industry and the fishermen outside the reserve. We should be protecting the seas and their life for future generations. As the saying goes :- we do not inherit this earth from our forbears we borrow it from our Children!!

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