Give Ivan Bartolo of 6pm a chance!

Give Ivan Bartolo of 6pm a chance!

With all due respect, the other candidates for the by-elections have been tried and tested and clearly they're part of the old bunch that got us 36,000 vote deficiency. Mr Bartolo gave a breath of fresh air to PN. We, the people, want Ivan Bartolo to be given a chance in parliament. Scratch your executive vote and decide through the members who gets a chance for a seat in parliament.


Ivan is much better than what the PN deserve. Go on with Claudette, Salvu, Thake, Simon and Beppe and good luck for the next election. I surely won't be on the PN side

Now that the districts by-elections had been decided by the PN Executive in a democratic way (by vote), the faith of Mr Bartolo's position in the PN should be guaranteed by involving such intellectual person/s, whom surly have much and much more to give to our party and Malta. Ivan should be included directly in the PN think-tank and encouraged to be part of the team, albeit not as an MP.

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