New Political Mentality focused for the young generations

New Political Mentality focused for the young generations

Politics must be for the people and not the people for the politics. PN must change there political views and values. I am not saying that we stop believing in democracy, that is out of question. But please stop speaking about things happened 40 and 50 years ago. It is getting boring. I never heard Joseph Muscat speaking about Jum il-Helsien, that is in the past.PN still lives in the past. It is obvious that PN is not talking with the young generations. Young generations don't live only on scho


I don't think we should delete the past but neither live in the past. We need to explain the past to understand the present and to work towards the future.

school and work, they are asking for civil rights and freedom, and in my opinion they have the right to get them. There is nothing wrong with that, it is not antidemocracy or anti moralism. In my opinion the next leader of PN should be Franco Debono. Thanks

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