Clean Energy

Clean Energy

I suggest that we make better use of all the wasted roof space of all government buildings including schools. This can be done both by leasing roof space on a large scale to businesses, but also to the general public who can lease a portion of a roof, and in turn generate an income either deductible against electricity bills or in the form of a cash pay out. This will help Malta become a greener country, by utilizing the sun and removing our dependency on fossil fuels.


How has this not already happened in light of the 2020 Renewable Energy Targets?!?

Efficient use of space to create energy with a very available resource (sun) in Malta. In other countries the government supports private individuals when buying such renewable energy sources like solar panels. Subsidiaries are offered to those who buy such products.

Investing in solar energy and wind energy in Malta has been debated for way too long. Better rates for energy generated from solar panels should be offered to households and enterprises who enjoy large warehouses.

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