conservation of water

conservation of water

Those who want to enlarge existing water well and/or dig a new one will be financed through Gov. funds. Part of this finance shall possibly be EU funding. The other shall be at 0% interest and paid back in small monthly payments. This scheme will also apply to blocks of flats. This will give a boost for more conservation of water that can be used in toilets, home cleaning and washing of cloths and cars, garden watering and other places where 2nd class water can be used.


This will result in less flooding problems and so less damages in the roads. Less demand on the water supply system and so using less electricity to produce potable water. Conservation of the water table and other benefits.

Funding should also be extended to those eho have a well that needs maintenance.

We have a great technology, taking the humidity and produce clean drinking water. you do not need to produce much energy or drilling wells.

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